Top 3 Items a PUA Should Always Have


There are many items that any pick-up artist might carry with him at any one time.  Some of these items may be for routines like the photo routine, where you carry with you an envelope of photos to show at some point for demonstrating higher value. Others maybe serve only as props to hand to your target and keep her from running off too far. However, all PUA’s agree that of all the items you could have with you, these 3 are of paramount importance.


Below are the top 3 items a PUA should always have.

Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.

Top 3 Tattoos Not to Get


We all know that tattoos have a magical quality about them that attract women.  Maybe it’s the permanency, the pain, the risk, or the idea that you believe in something strong enough to get it etched onto your body forever.

Furthermore, when getting a tattoo there are a surprising amount of acceptable choices.  Perhaps a word or phrase in the language of your heritage, a symbol, or an image of personal meaning.  However, this top 3 is not about choosing the right tattoo, it’s about knowing which tattoos NOT to get.

Below are the top 3 tattoos NOT to get.

Executing poor game is better than executing no game.

5 Accessories for the PUA on a Budget


There is no doubt that accessories play a key role in the overall presentation
of your outfit and while most of the things you wear serve some usefulness,
accessories are at the bottom of the list when it comes to functionality.
This is why when we start experimenting with the idea of peacocking we often start
with trying out a simple wristband or a new necklace, because peacocking is basically
wearing anything that lacks purpose.
But many aspiring PUA’s may find it hard achieve the look they want
without dipping into what’s left from last week’s check.
Below is a list of the top 5 accessories for ALL PUA’s on a budget.
(Note: I’m not gonna put “smile” in this list because everyone should know
by now that smiling is more important to your game
than what any other accessory could ever hope to be)

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